Canton of Zürich - Business and Economic Development Contact point for established and new businesses. Social media links Appenzell Inner Rhodes, Zurich, Uri and St Gallen announced their decision to close on Saturday. St Gallen has 24 resorts including Gamplut, Wildhaus and Flumserberg. With a population of (as of ), it is the most populated canton in the country. Ski areas will be closed from December 22-29 in all the cantons affected. Although the population of Zurich is a bit over 400 000 people, it is one of the world’s largest financial centers. Canton of Zurich (Kanton Zürich) The canton of Zürich (Kanton ) is a Swiss canton in the northeastern part of the country. The official language spoken in Zurich is German, and the official currency is the Swiss franc. Political Map Statistics Abbreviations Coat of Arms: Switzerland's 26 Cantons (Federal States) Switzerland's 26 cantons are the federal states of the Swiss confederation. The population of the Canton of Zurich can count on a comprehensive health care system. It consists of far more than high-quality medical care and good hospitals: Effective medication, healthy animals, safe food, and quality assurance concerning utensils and objects of everyday use are also part of it. The local Swiss German dialect, called Züritüütsch, is commonly spoken The Canton of Zurich You may know Zurich as an international metropolis, but it also happens to be the largest canton of Switzerland. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the Zurich canton. Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland with a population of over 428'700, an increase of 19'500 since year 2000. City of Zürich - Economic Development Contact … Information regarding any questions about the location and support dealing with the cantonal authorities. Zürich, largest city of Switzerland and capital of the canton of Zürich.Located in an Alpine setting at the northwestern end of Lake Zürich, this financial, cultural, and industrial centre stretches out between two forested chains of hills, about 40 miles (60 km) from the northern foothills of the Alps.Two rivers, the Limmat and Sihl, run through the city. If you move home in the cantons of Aargau, Appenzell Outer Rhodes, Bern, Glarus, Grisons, Luzern, Schwyz, Solothurn, St. Gallen, Thurgau, Uri, Zug, Zurich you can register your move online. The official language is German, but people speak the local Swiss German dialect called Züritüütsch.English writers often write the name of the Canton of Zürich as Canton of Zurich The canton is in the northeast of Switzerland. Canton of Zurich. Its capital is the city of Zürich. Geographically, it is situated in the Swiss Central Plateau and Lake Zurich is the biggest lake in the canton. The city of Zürich is its capital. The official language is German. Its population consists of approximately 1.463.000 people, and this canton is located in the Swiss Central Plateau, with Lake Zurich being the biggest lake in … Canton Schwyz, with 15 resorts, then followed suit as did the cantons Nidwalden, Zug and Obwalden. The highest mountain in Zurich is … When you move, it is important to notify your commune of residence of your departure and register with your new commune of residence. Zürich is a canton of Switzerland.About 1.2 million people live there. The canton of Zurich is the largest canton of Switzerland with a population of approximately 1’463’000. 1,4 million people live in Zürich agglomeration. For historical and geographical reasons they differ widely: The largest canton (Graubünden/Grisons) has 192 times the area of the smallest (Basel-Stadt) but even less inhabitants while canton Zurich has about 80 times more inhabitants than canton Appenzell Innerrhoden.