I used to receive in Haute Savoie RTL on astra 19.2, now no longer,not even on hotbird 13. Thnks. International 24-hour English-language news television channel. Corrien, is there any F 1 on free to air on this sat, please i am ghana @ west africa, what size of dish can i use to have astra 19.2 signal please kindly help me, Starting on June 1st you will be able to tune your television to the official, Why can I not receive Euro news in German on Astra 19.2 anymore, I have lost it several weeks ago, which channel Number should it be? Formerly ZDF Dokukanal, rebranded November 2009. International news channel in English. •. I have an Astra Satellite 19.2 in the mountains of Gran Canaria. Some Mandarin-language programmes with English subtitles. New modulation, SR and FEC: DVB-S2 8PSK, 22000 et 2/3. HDCultural television channel. ... ASTRA 19 استرا ... 2.RTL 5 SPORT Israel / HD 5 SPORT Israel 4K Asr TV (Afghanistan) beIN Sports MENA 1 HD beIN Sports MENA 12 HD Learning German with ARD subtitles. Who is online. The best of Flanders and the Netherlands. Any ideas? What can I do to change the problem? Berlin and Brandenburg. Hello, the channel RECORD TV is no longer accessible in my satellite ASTRA 19.2 since 01.09.2020. HDPublic channel offering mainly music, films and documentaries. Découvrez les actions des personnes qui gèrent et publient du contenu. New modulation and FEC. The german Arte in the contrary is working well. Parabol 1.2 and Lnb 0.2 living in France. The channel is operated by ARD and ZDF. WITHOUT subscribing twice. Before DVB-S2X QPSK 25500 y 11/20. on a German channel both in German. I can find no information about this sudden change on the web and don’t know how to overcome it. Hi. Ident: 006A. On Astra 19 and Hotbird pls. Until 4th September 2016 Einsfestival. RBB Fernsehen (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg), LCP La Chaîne parlamentaire - Public Sénat, List of FTA channels at satellites 28.2°E Astra 2, Transponders and channels on Astra 1M Wide Beam only, 11568 MHz V 23000 KS/s 3/4 DVB-S2 8PSK Astra 1L. HDNews channel providing a Russian point of view on information by the Russian news agency RIA-Novosti. otherwise your precious effort is WORTHLESS. thank you very much for your advise because I am sad to loose those 2 channels. Français Hotbird 13°E Hotbird 13°E, Clair Astra 19,2°E Astra 19,2°E, Clair Thématique: Sport, Clair Thématique: Informations, Clair Thématique: Cinéma, Clair ... excepté les images contenues dans les captures d'écran qui appartiennent à leurs propriétaires respectifs. Ça dépend de la parabole, le diamètre, le lieu de réception, les satellites voulus. Varzish Sport HD Guide. 5 November 2016. • Astra 1 19,2º East: BBC World News Europe HD... 3rd September 2019. Free Code Active IPTV, Xtream codes IPTV 2020, lxtream iptv, extreme iptv, code iptv activation, smarters pro code, yellow tv code, smart tv active ... Last post Re: Powervu SIS-Live - Astra ... Fri Oct 25, 2019 8:19 pm It is currently Sun Dec 27, 2020 2:58 am. T.V. The central office of ARTE is located in Strasbourg. HDFrench-German cultural channel edited by a French-German trust consisting of ARTE France and ARTE Deutschland GmbH. Since 4/12/2017. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Langue diffusée: Active le mode Zapping, Dernières mises à jour (News, Hotbird 13°E), Dernières mises à jour (News, Astra 19,2°E), Envoyez vos commentaires/suggestions au webmaster. ODF (Fernsehen für Ostbrandenburg), SKB, UMTV (Uckermark TV)... HDPublic culture and documentary channel. FEC 2/3. Movistar+: Movistar Liga Campeones 3 (Espagne) est diffusée en DVB-S Mediaguard 2 & Nagravision 3 sur 10979.00MHz, pol.V SR:22000 FEC:5/6 SID:30680 PID:168/112 Espagnol,113 son … 4 July 2017. CNN: Cable News Network. UK FTA channels on Astra 19.2° East: Could anyone help? Voici toutes les fréquence des chaines Françaises peut recevoir en France et l’étranger dans toute l' Europe et Afrique du Nord via le satellite Astra 19°E. Norbert : The French system closed down all non hd signals on the 5th April. “Third ARD channel” in this region. A few days ago I lost reception of a few Russian channels:5 Int, Peretz Int,Domashniy Int, Ren Int. Cultural television channel. Back 16/06/2020. Italy Serie A. Germany 1. Thanks I have found, on 11612 the following Kaufbei.tv, TBN Russia, Very useful site, thanks. Is there a service issue? Affiche les chaînes en clair seulement 1/07/2019. 5150? Until 4th September 2016 Einsfestival. I have a Humax Freesat box, so use the Manual Tune to get the channels. German Sky channels left two transponders, now both empty: Thanks for any help. Volksmusiksender. Hello everyone. - 12646 H - 3255 (15.0°W) Telstar 12 - Astra-4A 5°E 12284 V 27500 - Eutelsat 10A 10°E, 11647 V 1614 - Astra 4.8 12284 V 27500 3/4 - Badr4 (26°E) 12683 V 27500 3/4 - Turksat 42°E 10965 H 12800 - Eutelsat W2A 10°E 11387 V 30000 - Nile Sat 7°W 12418 H 27500 - Eurobird (9.0E) 11919 V 27500 - Eurobird (9.0E) 11919 V 27500 ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen). [ AustriaSat ] | Cryptoworks | Provider: 0D0510 | Astra 19.2°E | Key00: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C2 E0 17 77 E6 9B 85 00 Adria EuroBird 16 (16.0°E) 10911 V 27500 5/6 CCW 2nd change Public channel targetting younger adult age group with Factual Entertainment: Documentaries, music programmes, films, international TV series and comedies. Time-sharing with Baden TV Süd. MTV Trax CCW Astra 28.2°E 11895V27500 2/3 sid:1B6D epid:093E vpid:0940 pmt:010E pcr:0901 CaID:0963 CaPID:050B I am a bit confused between Astra 19.2E and 28.2E, do I need to use 28.2E and realign my dish to this DEC : 072 244 106 187 124 146 144 237. What size of dish and LNB type would i need ? Regiane Naujock. Kind Regards sir.I am here in bahrain i need to tracking astra 19e. Canal Digitaal (NL) Satellite. I need to know which sats with FTA channels can I receive in Spain. nothing changed but the heavy wind we had. What settings would I need to put in on for a single LNB (I don't know) universal/single/user and what LNB Freq unit number i.e. Nilesat 7°W beIN Sports 12245 V 27500 - HD beIN Sports News 12245 V 27500 - HD AD Sports 12226 H 27500 - HD 12467 H 27500 - HD Alkass TV 11919 H 27500 - HD Dubai Sports 12322 V 27500 - HD ON Sport 10853 H 27500 - HD DMC sports 11450 H 27500 Al-Nahar Sport 12437 V 27500 Al Ahly TV 12341 H 27500 TV5 11900 V 27500 Astra 4.8°E In Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Emirates or Kuwait you can receive only. Cryptage: FEC and modulation change from 9/10 DVB-S2 QPSK to 3/4 DVB-S2 8PSK. Jointly operated by ARD and ZDF. Astra 1M 19.2º East 11612 MHz H 22000 kS/s 5/6 DVB-S QPSK Europe Ku-band WIDE beam NB - BBC news had disappeared. Astra 4.8E 11766 H 27500 Test1 (1+1) 20 19 09 42 16 20 19 4F Test2 (2+2) 20 19 09 42 16 20 19 4F 16.09.2019-----Belintersat 51.5°E Freq: 11350 H 45000 HD ID: TEST Info: VTV HD CW: 40 71 50 01 5A 01 60 BB 11.09.2019-----Thaicom 5 at 78.5°East 3480 H 30000 SID 0032 Thairath TV HD Key: 40 33 70 E3 6E F8 A3 09 11.09.2019 Now DVB-S2 8PSK and 2/3. In Europe you cannot get any South African channels on satellite. Eric, If you get BBC One, BBC Two and son on, that's because the dish is aligned to, Up to approx 2 weeks ago I received a number of German channels via Astra 1 but they have disappeared now. Thank you again! Learning German with ARD subtitles. Thank you very much and sorry for my english. Many thanks. HDSince 4 December 2017. please i need more knowledge on astra 19.2 in lagos nigeria Saarland. Before 23500 3/4. Regional public channel. 0D: A6 39 3D E9 6A F0 EF AF --- … HDPan–Latin American satellite television channel from Caracas, Venezuela. Astra 19.2°E. Mar 21, 2019 - Explore Rachid Hacksat's board "biss keys", followed by 294 people on Pinterest. “Third ARD channel” in this region. Länder Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Thüringen. Couple of days ago God TV that we were receiving has disappeared from Astra 19.2E (TV just shows blank screen) Cheers, again. 26th April, not 5th April, and not all French channels, only terrestrial french channels available by satellite (TNT Sat). 27th September 2017. Catholic and Protestant Christian television channel. Formerly BR Alpha. NID 1. Modulation, SR and FEC change from DVB-S, 27500 3/4 to DVB-S2 QPSK, 29700 5/6. England Premier League . Just one or few web links will be appreciated. I can change the broadcast country. Thanks, Apparently you have a multi satellite dish. HDInternational public channel providing news and information about Germany and Europe. merci pour votre réponse et bon courage. Private television channel targetting young audience. Something but I would have appreciated them with TV pictures. most epecially germa channels I read the comments here and see that Russian channels are able to be picked up on 19.2E. “Third ARD channel” in this region. can this be the cause of disappearing channels? I really don't understand. Curiosity: since 8 October 2019 there are 110 active transponders on Astra 19.2° East. Länder Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Thüringen. Since 5/06/2019 (Sparhandy TV HD relaunched). Pays Nothing has changed with my receiver nor the dish and LNB. Sat-News – Timeline Facebook www. The channel is operated by ARD and ZDF. INTERNATIONAL at 19.2 degress satellite for FREE. Can anyone provide a solution for getting it with sound ? 18:00 Mlada Boleslav - SK Slavia Prague. HDPublic cultural channel. Date I lower a factory settings of the box, no resultat. Land Hessen. HDRegional public channel. Autonomous Community of Extremadura television channel. I have done a new channel search, searching for Astra 19.2, 12604H SR 22000, chance LNB, adjust dish, but there is no signal on that frequency. Africa. What do you mean? Something but I would have appreciated them with TV pictures. Since 1/01/2019 only Comedy. 8 TV. It is jointly operated by ARD (Germany), ZDF (Germany), ORF (Austria) and SRG (Switzerland). Left 12/05/2020. I live in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada, is it possible to pouint a dish to an european satellite to receive german tv? A few days ago my smart TV asked me to re-search all channels on my satellite connection. How can I watch it? Regional public channel. Former name TV Touring. I still get BBC world news CH. HDAJE Television channel of Aragón (autonomous community). Left 12/05/2020. and a number of other English speaking channels, so, what's changed at Astra 1, or could you suggest possible other problems? Bundesliga 15:30 Eintracht - Bayern M. Dubai Sports 1-Badr 26°E -12130 V 27500 -FTA-Nilesat 7°W -11785 V 27500 -FTA Eurosport 2-Hellas Sat 39°E -12688 H 30000 -I2(Bulsat) *TRT HD International English language news television channel owned by Government of France. I guess, I need to switch the FreeSat receiver toa Free to Air Receiver? It is run as an independent non-profit corporation under the authority of the Länder, the sixteen states that make up the Federal Republic of Germany. It is run as an independent non-profit corporation under the authority of the Länder, the sixteen states that make up the Federal Republic of Germany. It's mostly German stuff, but quite a lot of English language international news channels, particularly BBC World News. Strander! bonjour astra 2 E est pret a etre lance depuis baikonour pour rejoindre la position 28,2° Est que va t'il arriver apres? Dans l’éditeur de message il est existe des bouton en haut pour la mise en forme, Atlas HD Format key We are still working on the new servers and the atlas-E version, but Voila Nazeera entrer les codes Keys sur les recepeteurs tvsatclick. Formerly known as ARD Einsextra, rebranded in May 2012 to tagesschau24. Les Matches de Foot Emus & FTA Pendant la semaine. Hi, Le fabricant nous donne les nouvelles codes après quelques jours et je voudrais essayer de Afficher les chaînes cryptées It is a bit of a rigmarole to set them up, but fine once they are programmed in. 20:15 - 5:00 CET. I have lost SKY news int in Denmark. Modualtion and SR change from DVB-S2 QPSK 27500 to DVB-S2 8PSK 30000. Is there a french channel available on this satellite on which to watch the RWC cup final today, 31 october? Br, HDErstes ProgrammNational public television first channel. I live near Limoux in the Aude S o France, I have just had a dish etc installed for TNT but when ever it is windy I lose the signal on all channels and get a message on screen to say that the dish needs adjusting. Are they now encrypted? Regional public channel. Gerhard Wohl, Hello, or has the dish been incorrectly set up. All other channels received at Astra 1 have sound. For FREE? code de cryptage de chaine television.. TNT SAT FRANCE ] Astra 19.2°E ... TNT SAT FRANCE ] Astra 19.2°E; TNT SAT FRANCE ] Astra 19.2°E; ORF; Al Aoula Maroc; SKY SPORT 24(ITINFI CH8) & JSC SPORT FEED; Cyfra+; Bulsat; AL Jazeera HD 1 durant les matchs de foot; Thème Picture Window. Thanks. Up to a few days ago we could watch Eurosport 1 on our TV. My SMART TV has option to add another satellite in the menu and I can search it˙s channels. With my L.G. 1. M4 Sport HD-Eutelsat 9°E-11958 V 27500-FTA(DVB-S2) Czech First League. Ce transpondeur du bouquet OSN cesse. Today Football matches : Les Matches d'aujourd'hui. 0C: 48 F4 6A BB 7C 92 90 ED --- December. Page créée - 22 octobre 2011. Thanks in advance. Cheers, again. IIRC you are in S. Wales and a 60 or 80cm dish with 2 lnbs shoukd easily receive both Astra 1 at 19.2 and Hotbird at 13E which would give you around 600 FTA channels IIRC including German Eurospor (similar programming to Eurosport 1 on Sky) plus F! Thank you. Volné programy na družici Astra 19,2°E Srpen 27, 2012 admin Nejčastějším doplňkem příjmu českých a slovenských programů z Astra 23,5°E bývají volně vysílané nekódované zahraniční programy z družice Astra 19,2… Affichage: 19:00 K. Budapest Honved - MTK Budapest. -Astra 4.8°E -12418 H 27500 -PowerVU(SIS Live) Spanish League Primera Div. I then input the TP figures 11568 V 2300 I assume. •. Contributions, comments and corrections are welcome. please add exact date of update each time you publish satellite list. •. News public channel. D'avance merci pour votre réponse. Catholic channel broadcasting from Alabama. HDInternational version of Japanese national public television NHK (Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai), broadcasts in English. Erstes ProgrammNational public television first channel. Regards To watch the excellent GAME SCHETT and MATS programme.I know you can watch EUROSPORT DETSCHLAND for free but what about EUROSPORT INTERNATIONL. Is it likely that the wind does this? Catholic television channel located in Toruń, Poland, owned by the Lux Veritatis Foundation. Many thanks, I am impressed with your responses to other questions, it is a go forum point Beam Europe Ku-band beam. Time-sharing. I have downloaded it several times, but no change. 16:00 Granada CF - Valencia C.F France Telecom Hotbird 13 E° - 0081 SECA 2 0C FB12276C98DFBAD7 octobre 0D E8D96B8AB348C0FE NOVEMBRE 0E B932B7B814580C41 SERVICE FTC FR on Hotbird 13°E & Astra 19.2°E 02.10.2009 ident 0085 [SECA MOSC] DIGI TV ( BY : -- # وصلة ممنوعة 1364 # --COM ) THOR ENTRER 21-11 Nagravision2 KEY 00 : 6F 91 B5 5D B7 36 1C 38 C5 3E 5B FE 18 6B AD C1 2 days agoo I was looking at AB3 and TV5 monde and now they disappeared!? All as just Russian audio accepting the TBN religious programme. See more ideas about key, ku band, coding. Time-sharing with TV Mainfranken. Nom 1/07/2019. All as just Russian audio accepting the TBN religious programme. 27th September 2017. Back 16/06/2020. Eg has the transponder changed? do I have to check my satellite on the roof? HDCatholic and Protestant Christian television channel. Fréquence I live in Austria and used to see Arte in French and sometimes in German, a few days ago I lost the french signal and I cannot find the informations about transponder, frequency, symbol rate etc. Répondre Supprimer Pan–Latin American satellite television channel from Caracas, Venezuela. Comedy 17h-6h. can I view this satellite on xx 60cm dish in nigeria. Astra 1L, 19.2°E. how size dish need to track? Hi, can any one confirm if astra 19.2E can pick in Nigeria? Land Hessen. TV channels at satellites Astra [19.2°E] Astra 1KR, Astra 1L, Astra 1M, Astra 1N (FTA channels unless otherwise indicated) Frequency and Polarisation + info 10714 H. SR 22000. (I am living in the east side of Croatia). Now I want professional opinion of the Masters!! ARENA SPORT 1-BulgariaSat 1.9°E- 12380 H 30000 -Tandberg 10th April 2018. Satellite Astra 1M. HDRegional public channel. Could you communicate? Toutes languesAllemand (ger)Anglais (eng)Arabe (ara)Coréen (kor)Espagnol (esp)Français (fra)Italien (ita)Néerlandais (ned)Polonais (pol)son original (vo) Now 22000 2/3. Is there a way to a channel list so every thing is in a right order like you have with the sky channels, Up to last week we were able to recieve BBC TV channels from Astra 19.2E, at our location in Dordogne, France. Réactivation du transpondeur pour Qatar TV. HDKinderKAnalPublic children's channel. Is it possible to receive Astra 19.2 in south africa? What channels for free can I have in Basque Country from Astra satelite? Regional public channel. “Third ARD channel” in this region. Now 22000 2… We check Astra 19.2° East several times per week. Formerly BR Alpha. Just to say this is a really useful site. Last one (re)activated: I receive well the picture of 5 channels at Astra 1N -11954 H 27500 FTA, but no sound at any. best regards Brian. In German and English. Active le mode listing 4 août 2019. Modulation and FEC change from DVB-S2 QPSK 5/6 to DVB-S2 8PSK 2/3. do you known where i can buy a decoder or a satellite viewing card for all channels on Astra 19.2 east.thank you John. I subscribe to EUROSPORT PLAYER U.K. Can I watch EUROSPORT PLAYER from a non-U.K. country. The channel is operated by ARD. In German and English. TÉLÉCHARGER LISTE CHAINE ASTRA 19.2 GRATUITEMENT - Merci d une rapide reponse. Niederbayern HD » NIEDERBAYERN TV HD. Bundesliga. Public international channel of Andalusia. News public channel offering news bulletins every 15 minutes from 9:00 to 19:00 with special sections such as “Deutschland & Europa” or “Welt und Politik”. MTV+ time-sharing since 2/11/2018. HDThe BBC's international news and current affairs television channel.

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